Customer Reviews


“It’s exactly what I expected, the reviews were right! These mugs are worth every penny!”
“I ordered 2 mugs for my parents on their 20th year anniversary and they absolutely love it! It’s nice to see them have a cup of coffee together before leaving for work.”
“My kids used to always argue about missing cups, so I ordered 6 mugs with photos of every member of my family. Now can know for sure whose mug will be missing! haha”
“I’m so happy with CuteGift’s service. They’re well-packaged and arrived on time.”
    “Ordered a mug for every day of the week. It’s a great way to remind myself that… FRIDAY IS COMING!”
      “Asked my long-term girlfriend to marry me with a personalized mug. I printed my message with a masonic cipher. A month later, she finally said yes! I’m just glad she finally deciphered it.”
        “Just received my personalized mugs and I can’t be happier! Thanks, CuteGifts!”
          “The first decision I have to make these days is - which mug should I use today??? They’re all so amazing I’m so glad I got these!”
            “Added these novelty mugs to my mug collection. Soooo worth it!”
              “I’ll be back for more!”
                “Great! Now I have a cup for every mood!”
                  “Yay! Finally have a mug with my own design.”
                    “Love it! It’s just like a picture frame I can drink from.”
                      “My 5-year-old son drew our family last week. He said it was the best day ever, so I had it printed on a few mugs and surprised him. He was so overjoyed, he cried!”
                        “Every time work gets tough, I grab my personalized mug and repeat the mantra I have printed on it.”
                          “Gave my grandma a mug with my grandpa’s photo on it. She said it’s been too long since she saw him everyday. #CoupleGoals.”
                            “Dad used to tell us that “love is infinite, the more you give, the more you get.” We had it printed out on mugs to give away to all our relatives, they loved it. We miss him so much.”
                              “My son, Cody, said he wanted to be a lawyer when he grew up. I printed it out on a mug to remind him of his dream.”
                                “My morning coffee hasn’t been the same since my personalized mugs arrived.”
                                  “I highly recommend , their mugs come at such great quality.”

                                    “I surprised my daughter with a customized mug and now she asked me to order 5 more for her friends….. They’re on the way!”
                                      “Whoever said you can have too many mugs has definitely not had one made by .”
                                        “My kids love their mugs so much it convinced them to drink their veggie juices. Win-win!”
                                          “My mugs were crafted and coordinated so well, you should get one for yourself.”
                                            “I love how the colors of the design look exactly like the mock-ups. Great work!”
                                              “My son loves his customized mug!”
                                                “What a great product. I’m so glad I came across your site!”
                                                  “It’s the perfect gift for any occasion!”
                                                    “My girlfriend and I have been wanting matching coffee mugs! Woohoo! So glad we found CuteGifts!”
                                                      “OMG! These mugs are the cutest mugs I’ve seen!!”
                                                        “I can’t wait to surprise my girlfriend with the mug I bought for her.”
                                                          “Sent these personalized mugs to my parents who live across the world. I miss them so much.”
                                                            “I gave all my best friends a mug with a photo of our group on one side and a photo of the cutest friend on the other… that would be me.”
                                                              “Since I’m always traveling for work and away from my husband, I bought us identical coffee mugs so we could virtually share a cup of coffee.”
                                                                “I had my favorite travel photos printed on CuteGifts’s mugs and every time I use them, I’m reminded of all my globe-trotting adventures.”
                                                                  “My brother sketched me for my birthday. I framed that drawing and had it printed out on a mug too!”
                                                                    “This personalized puzzle is the best idea ever!”
                                                                      “Adding these mugs to cart for every occasion I can think of!”
                                                                        “Thanks again for helping us surprise my sister with these cool mugs. Will definitely be back for more!”
                                                                          “I’m in love with the mugs I just received, they are so perfect!”
                                                                            “Would highly recommend CuteGifts’s services! Bravo! 10/10!”
                                                                              “It’s the superb quality for me. I’ve recommended CuteGifts to all my friends and they never let me down.”
                                                                                “These personalized mugs are such a great idea all my friends know if there’s a cool mug in the gift pile, that probably came from me! They’re not wrong!”
                                                                                  “High quality, came on time and packaged really well. You guys nailed it!”
                                                                                    “These mugs get my primary-school kids excited to attend their virtual classes - chocolate milk drink is a must!”
                                                                                      “This is the best gift idea of allllll time!”
                                                                                        “This is exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks!”
                                                                                          “Aside from the product being top of the line, I love how easy and convenient ordering these mugs were. Absolutely hassle-free.”
                                                                                            Excellent service! They were so accommodating and the product came out so nicely. Would definitely order again.
                                                                                              Ordered 30 mugs for my whooooole family and I’m so glad every mug was in tip-top shape! They were so professional throughout the whole process. I know what I’m getting everyone next Christmas!